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Loftlock Precision Engineering belong and partner with the MTD network. Check out what they do and our details/news/events on their website at

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Please see our recent videos with Steve explaining the latest plans at Loftlock Precision Engineering.

Vodcast Video appertaining to Loftlock Precision Engineering’s acquisition of Precision Aircraft Surface Treatments Limited in January 2017.

Youtube Vodcast

Vodcast Videos appertaining to Locklock Precision Engineering’s business (August 2016).

Youtube Vodcast

Vodcast Video appertaining to Locklock Precision Engineering’s business (September 2015).

MTD Network video

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Loftlock Precision Engineering are based in the M4 Corridor at Woodley, Reading, Berkshire RG5 4AZ, UK.

Loftlock Precision Engineering Limited is registered in England at Companies House – company number 01162281.