Loftlock Precision Engineering Ltd currently have three inspection coordinate measuring machines – the Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 7106 CMM (CNC), Aberlink Axiom Too CMM (CNC) and the Trimos Mestra Touch 24” height measuring machine. We utilise all the usual inspection measuring equipment, including manual micrometers, vernier callipers, drill pins, slips, screw and plug gauges and bore micrometres.

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Inspection Coordinate Measuring machines

Inspection - Mitutoyo Crysta Apex - CNC Milling

Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S 7106 CMM (CNC)

Designed and constructed using all Mitutoyo’s experience in CNC CMM technology, CRYSTA-Apex S and CrystaApex C feature lightweight materials and an innovative machine structure, providing high motion stability, high accuracy, and affordability.

The temperature correction function (16°C to 26°C) can yield accurate inspection measurements even on the shop floor.

Aberlink Axiom Too CMM (CNC)

The Axiom too is a high-performance CNC CMM that is ideal for volume production.

It has the flexibility of touch probe and non-contact inspection using the Aberlink CMM camera.

Inspection - Aberlink Axiom - CNC Milling

Inspection - Trimos Mestra Touch - CNC Milling

Trimos Mestra Touch
24” height inspection measuring machine.

The “Mestra-Touch” offers a colour touch screen and functions such as the 2-coordinate system, programming of inspection measuring sequences, statistical analysis of memorised values and display of environmental.

Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 Profile Projector

A benchtop profile projector based on a vertical beam, telecentric optical system for distortion-free viewing on a 315mm diameter protractor screen.

The measuring stage incorporates linear scales for fast and accurate linear measurement to 1µm/.0001”, with angle measurements on screen to a resolution of 1’/0.01° of arc.

Built-in digital readout of XY position and angle (including zero-setting, ABS/INC mode measurement) is located near the projection screen to minimize eye movement.

inspection - Mitutoyo PJ-A3000 - CNC Milling


Mitutoyo B231 CMM (manual)

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